Hi! I'm Joel Nordström.

Also known as iwikal, which stands for "I wish I knew a language". Welcome to my personal website!

About me

I'm employed at PLAYipp where I'm part of a small team of full-stack developers making a platform for employee communication, mostly in TypeScript, targeting web and mobile clients. At the moment I'm on a leave of absence to attend university.

Some of the things I like doing in my spare time:

  • vegan cooking 🥦
  • playing music 🎵
  • tinkering with Arch Linux 🐧
  • bicycling 🚲
  • hiking 🥾
  • contributing to open source software, especially in Rust 🦀
  • game jams 🎮

I am a certified Soydev™. This MF'in website was made with React and a trillion other dependencies. However, I have at least a slight predisposition towards simplicity and being economical with computer resources, so I tried to make the website decently small and work almost as well without javascript as it does with.

Check out the source of this website, or any of the other things on my GitHub.